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The SHOPLocal program allows local businesses to become SHOP.COM partners, enabling SHOP.COM customers to earn Cashback with every purchase made offline at those stores.
Here is how it works:

  1. Seamless Solution - SHOP.COM requires no additional hardware, staff training, or effort from your business. Simply join the SHOPLocal network and we will begin working to drive NEW customers to you, increase revenue and repeat customers.
  2. Increase Exposure - SHOP.COM influences consumers through enticing offers and loyalty rewards, Cashback! Members use the mobile app and website to discover new and exciting places to eat and drink.
  3. Instantly Rewardng - Members simply link their VISA/MC/AMEX cards to the SHOP.COM network and use them at participating SHOPLocal businesses to instantly earn and be notified of earning Cashback. The result? More NEW SHOP.COM local consumers and increased spending from your favorite customers.

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Available in USA


Join the SHOP.COM Marketplace and grow your business today!

Join the SHOP.COM MarketPlace and sell your products to new customers in every channel: web, mobile apps, social media, and more! Joining our marketplace has never been easier.

  1. Apply - Using the Inquiry Form
  2. List Your Products –We have dedicated Merchant Support team of submitting your product listings to SHOP.COM
  3. Receive Orders & Ship
  4. Get Paid! - We pay you once a week into your banking account

What's in it for me?
Partnering with SHOP.COM means unparalleled brand exposure and impressive product sales. You'll have access to over 3 million LOYAL customers and 180,000 Independent Shop Consultants, while connecting your brand to the power of a revolutionary shopping experience - the only one in the industry that rewards its' customers with Cashback on qualified purchases, at no extra cost to you!
Here are some of the other benefits you'll enjoy as a partner store at SHOP.COM:

  • A branded storefront and easy-to-use tools to help you manage your overall business on SHOP.COM (ordering, merchandising, marketing and customer service)
  • Sell through our mobile app, social media and direct & event marketing programs
  • A very experienced sales and marketing team assigned to support your account
  • Access to our multi-platform, global merchandising opportunities including display advertising, email marketing, social, etc.
  • A people powered distribution channel that promotes your store and products to millions of customers
  • Access to our global network of sites: US, UK, Canada, LATAM, Australia, Taiwan & Hong Kong
  • A competitive rate program to optimize your marketing spend and ROAS

Available in USA, CAN, MX, UK, ES, TW, HK, SG


APN: Affiliate Publisher Network

Want to sell products to your built in customer base, but don’t want the hassle of inventory, shipping and overhead?

The APN Tool allows you to publish SHOP.COM products on your site or blog with easy an easy to use tool. With over 40 million products and 3,000 partner stores, the opportunities are endless. Filter for your target products by Category and search term. Configure your widget with Veritcal or Horizontal galleries of 1 to 5 products. The widget presents new products with each page refresh.

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Available in USA, CAN, MX, UK, ES, TW, HK, SG